My Week in Photos

It’s been a busy but good last week. My mom visited, the Seattle Mariners had their opening day and won, and I’ve been housesitting a couple of adorable pups! For those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram, or Hipstegram as I refer to it in my head, here is a quick peek.

My mum and oldest sis stopped by last weekend for girls day. My favorite little salon in Ballard was happy to provide us with comfy chairs, neck warmers, tea, and an all around relaxing experience. Pedicures all around…. bet you can’t guess which toes are mine?


Monday was opening day at Safeco field. It was chilly, but at least it didn’t rain on us!



And look at this cute face! Max has been my adorable companion all week. Who couldn’t love that face?


My sister mentioned I need dual screens at work….. I couldn’t agree more. Two laptops and a desktop is a bit ridiculous.


Clearly I was doing too much computer work….. and this is what happens. Fort building with men’s dress shirts at my office.


Had a haircut today, and while I want to keep my short hair for awhile, I needed a little tweak. Racing stripes it is! I know they will grow out quickly, but they are pretty fun for awhile. It reminds me elementary school, when all the “cool” boys where shaving racing stripes and nike swooshes into their heads. I’m a few years behind on that trend, but the 90’s are totally back right?


Thats all for now, but stay tuned for next week. I’ve set forth a cooking challenge for myself (insert twilight zone theme song here), and I’m excited to document the results.