Adventures in Hong Kong

For some reason, Asia, at least China, has never been on my list of places to explore. I’m not sure why, but for some reason I have always been more interested in the buildings, history, and culture, of continents like South America and Europe. Well consider my mind changed and my heart hooked. I’ve been to Hong Kong and Goaming….. and I WILL go back.

I’m fortunate in the fact that I work for a Hong Kong based company, and I had the opportunity to work from their offices for two weeks. Even though I was a busy bee monday through friday in the office, I did have the opportunity to eat some amazing food, and do some sightseeing! Because I was there for awhile, I will likely split this up into a few posts. So take a gander, let your mind wander, and consider taking a trip to Hong Kong!

Look, I packed light….. Well, I tried.



Sorry for the foggy photo. Honk Kong is humid, and it fogged up my lens. It did give it a bit of an etherial effect though.100_3628


People in Hong Kong love to shop (I would totally fit in). Malls, malls everywhere. This one was in Times Square, and I loved the sparkles hanging from the ceiling. You could only see about 10 stories from the ground, but I believe it went up to floor 16….. This was not the only mall like this. In Hong Kong they don’t have a whole lot of space, so when they don’t have space on the ground, they build up, malls included.


Don’t worry though, even though there isn’t much space, they still make room for trees.100_3635




Hong Kong has some pretty amazing sky scrapers. If you want a good view, take the peak tram. It’s a bit touristy, but the view from the top is pretty amazing, and the ride up in the old tram is worth the fare itself!


Make sure you go on a clear night or day!100_3669





For today I leave you with this. Go to Hong Kong, eat some egg tarts! Clearly I’m a fan, and i am now on a quest to find some this good in Seattle!IMG_1390



More on Hong Kong and China to come later in the week!



4 thoughts on “Adventures in Hong Kong

    • Interesting! I knew a lot of the shoppers were from Mainland China, but I didn’t realize that milk powder and diapers were such hot commodities. Thanks for reading!

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