Workin’ It…. China Style

Ever wondered what a large scale textiles mill looks like…. me too. Since I was in Hong Kong and China for work, I thought I’d do one work related post. I know it’s a probably a little boring for some people, but as a lover of textiles, and working in the industry, I found it totally fascinating doing factory tours in my companies factories.

I know textile mills/sewing mills get a bad rap, what with all the fires in Bangladesh factories and accusations of child labor, but i’m so proud of the fact that I work for a company that gives their employees with dignity, respect, livable wages, and great working conditions.

The entrances to the showrooms in our corporate offices are like the starship enterprise. I’m not going to lie, I couldn’t find the door. If someone hadn’t come out of the door that is the entrance, I think I might have stood in the hall awkwardly for 30 minutes, and then given up.

100_3672 100_3674

I finally got to meet some of my team in China. I’ve been e-mailing them for a year or two now, and it was like meeting long lost friends! I swear, they are so hospitable in China and they really want to make sure you have a good time. Mission accomplished.


This photo doesn’t even begin to encompass how huge one of our buildings is.


I could have spent days in this fabric library. Alas, I only had an hour to spare. Armed with a price gun type mechanism, I scanned so many fabrics for swatches it was ridiculous….. what can I say though, they were so pretty!


The spinning mils tend to have fabric bits flying about, so all guests and employees have to wear protective gear. I looked pretty cool…. (aka pretty sweaty and nerdy).

IMG_1444 IMG_1447 IMG_1455

After a long day of touring factory spaces, a great meal was necessary. Seriously though, the food was amazing at this restaurant but the english translations were cracking me up. I ate the “mom braised eggplants” and they were delicious.

IMG_1439 IMG_1440 IMG_1441

After supper, I kicked off my shoes for a massage! Now I had heard about how cheap these massages were in China($20 USD for two hours), but nobody told me how gloriously relaxing they were. Seriously amazing and worth a 12 hour flight just for this.

100_3750 100_3749 100_3746 100_3748

On my way back to HK, I made a trek into Starbucks for some green tea lemonade. Unfortunately I couldn’t resist the green tea roll. Now normally I don’t go for the Starbucks snacks in the U.S., but I would eat this again! U.S. Starbucks take note…. your treats are better in China.




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