Life Lately in Photos

I learned to make tortillas! So much easier than I thought it was going to be. Now I just need to buy a tortilla press, so I don’t have to borrow my friends.IMG_1592 IMG_1593 IMG_1595

Went to the Gerald… One of my favorite restaurants in Seattle. Seriously, go and don’t order off the drink menu. Just tell the bartenders what you like, and let them surprise you. Chances are they will bring you something delicious that you would otherwise never have thought to order.


Also, their grilled cheese with apple slaw, is to die for.


T’s good friend from college was in town this past weekend, so I of course spent some quality time with those silly boys.


Meet Millie! My new hat making friend. I’ve been meaning to try out making some new hair accessories, and Millie will be my new helper. Not gonna lie though, she’s a little bit creepy, especially when you walk around the corner in the dark, and there is a large styrofoam head illuminated in moonlight sitting on your ironing board.


I made my first ever meringues! Filled with a lemon/orange curd, and sprinkled with powdered sugar. They weren’t very pretty, but they turned out really delicious. I was pretty pleased since I have never made anything like it before. Light and delicious, perfect for a summertime treat!

IMG_1613 IMG_1615 IMG_1620

Lately I’ve been….

Reading– Geisha by Liza Dalby, the only women of non-Japanese origin to become a Geisha. Liza’s book gives a fascinating look at what this world actually looks like, breaking down a lot of Western ideas and stereotypes of what this culture involves.

Listening To– A whole lot of country music. What can I say, it doesn’t feel like summer without country. Particularly  Cruisin, and Wagon Wheel, by Florida Georgia Line and Old Crow Medicine Show.

Watching– Buffy the Vampire Slayer reruns…. it just doesn’t get old.

Eating– Boatloads of hummus and Castelvetrano Olives.

Enjoying– Sitting at my sewing machine again, it’s been too long since I had any weekend time to sew.

Looking Forward To– Fall! As much as I love summer, Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. I love the sweaters, the weather, the football (at least the idea of it), the smell of new school supplies even though I have no reason to buy them anymore, pumpkins, and boots! My beautiful boots have been gathering dust in my closet for too long!

Happy Monday!


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