Happy Halloween

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

L.M. Montgomery

Why thank you L.M. Montgomery, I agree. I especially love that we finish off the month with something truly ridiculous, Halloween. A holiday dedicated to tricks and treats, and the opportunity to cast aside my standard wardrobe, and become something or someone else for the day.

I will be spending my evening with friends, curled up (or as curled up as we can be in costume), eating buttery popcorn, candy corn, drinking mulled wine and whiskey, and powering through all four Scream Movies. That said, have a fabulous day being someone else 😉 (Though you are already pretty fabulous).

photo 2 (2)

photo 3 (2)

Is it weird that anytime I have a mask on, the lyrics to Masquerade from The Phantom of the Opera, immediately starts running on repeat through my head?

Masquerade! Paper faces on parade

Masquerade! Hide your face so the world will never find you

Masquerade! Every face a different shade

Masquerade! Look around, there’s another mask behind you.


FALLing for Spring

I’m not really ready for spring, i’m still just at the beginning of my fall/winter obsession and it’s not even time to get crazy about Christmas yet ;). Spring fashion weeks for next year did just finish up though, and that means that I just spent the last few days obsessively pouring over the show slideshows, and getting really excited for trends to come. That said, i’d thought i share a few of my favorites with you.

There were a lot this season, so I’ve pared it down to just six 😉

The Row. Is anyone else as thrilled as me that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen gave up acting to start amazing fashion collections? Beautiful neutrals, sophisticated lines.


Custo Barcelona. Can’t say I would ever wear a swimsuit with sleeves, but those colors sure are beautiful.


10 Crosby Derek Lamb. Perfect shapes and styling.


Burberry Prorsum…. Christopher Bailey, enough said.


Burberry Prorsum again. I am thrilled that pastels are making such a beautiful  comeback.


Celine. I regularly drool my way through looking at this show, and this season was no exception.


Ok, enough about spring, now to get back to my fall crocheting project.


Disneyland Shenanigans

I’m sitting in my living room, curled up in a blanket with a cup of tea, and there is a torrential downpour going on outside. In light of the beautiful weather, I thought take a meander through my trip photos. Feel like taking a wander?

We really lucked out with weather the week we were in Anaheim, sunny and 80 all week, which is just about as hot as I like it. After settling into our room, we meandered down to Downtown Disney for the Seahawks game at ESPN zone. Totally not my scene, but since T gave up almost an entire week of sports watching to accompany me to The Happiest Place on Earth, I figured the least I could do was rally my team spirit for the evening.  It actually turned out being pretty fun, with a great mix if Seahawks and 49ers fans. T and I got a giant booth to ourselves, to really spread out in front of the 16 foot screen 😉


I like my space, clearly 😉

photo 2 (1)

Disneyland was all decked out for Halloween, and I was literally buzzing with excitement by the time T and I reached the gate the next morning.


I am 5 years old at heart!


T insisted on the purple tea cup to match his huskies shirt…. I think he is 5 at heart too.


California Adventure was where we spent most of day two and four of our trip, and Cars Land is seriously like walking into the movie.

IMG_1817 IMG_1815

We may or may not have ridden this 6 times……


I love the old hollywood style of the streets and buildings.

IMG_1811 photo 1 (1)

Seriously, look how cute this is.

photo 4 (1)

They had a Mater and Lightning McQueen that drove around and “posed” for pictures.

photo 1 IMG_1842 photo 2 IMG_1838

Flo’s was probably my favorite all lit up at night.


I love carousels!

photo 4 IMG_1844

Did you know they have a wine bar in California Adventure? A perfect respite from the chaos of the parks.

IMG_1850 IMG_1846

I’m already planning my next Disney trip. Disney World for my 30th in a few years. Who’s with me?