Macarons and Bubbly

The first time I tasted a Macaron I was 20. There isn’t much call for these delicate cookies in Leavenworth, so I didn’t partake in one until someone convinced me to buy one while I was in London. At first I wasn’t sure what could be so special about this tiny cookie that I should part with my limited travel funds to try one. Assured that it would be worth it, I took my first bite.

It WAS worth it, and thus began my obsession.

Upon my return to Seattle, I quickly set out to find the best local macarons, so as not to have to wait for my next venture to Europe. I have found a few places that definitely meet my needs, but simply cannot justify the exorbitant price for one cookie more than once every month or two. Thus, the plan was born to learn to make my own! Knowing that it was going to be one tricky cookie, when I came across Cake Envy’s Macarons and Bubbly class, I was in.

Full glasses of bubbly in hand, we got to work 🙂


Our instructor demonstrated the process first, pointing out all the little tips and tricks to help us with these finicky cookies. She made it look so easy!


The color looks so bright before the flower is added.

IMG_2090 IMG_2092

Ours weren’t quite as even or pretty. Alas, practice will only make me better and I’ll get to eat all of my delicious mistakes along the way.


Time to fill!


Only about half of our cookies turned out, due to over-mixing the meringue and under-mixing the flour, but I think it went pretty successfully for a first try.


Armed with a bag of cookies we made and Cake Envy’s macaron recipe, I finished my champagne with the other ladies, chatting and snacking on our treats. We were all very excited about our new found skill and can’t wait to practice in our own kitchens.


Here goes…




Good heavens thats delicious!

IMG_2103 IMG_2104

Now I just have to make these in my apartment. Yikes!


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