Soft Blue Beret

This winter, I have been in dire need of a new cozy hat. Not wanting to buy one in store (all the ones I liked were way to expensive), I started scouring the internet for patterns that looked appealing. I came across this little beauty, and decided to give it a whirl.

It turned out pretty well with just a few minor adjustments. You never know with internet finds, as I have had some real doozy’s of end results on projects. This one however wasn’t a catastrophe, so I thought I’d share it with you!

I used the Lion Brand Alpine Wool yarn, and though a little scratchy, the color and ease of use make up for it.


Gauge: 8dc*10rows = 10*10cm
I used 8.00 mm hook
At the end of each round join with a sl st in 3rd ch of beg. ch 3.

Ch 3, join with sl st to form ring.

Rnd 1: ch 3 (count as dc), make 11 dc in ring.(12 dc)

Rnd 2: ch 3, 2 dc in each dc.(24 dc)

Rnd 3: ch 3, 2 dc in the same joining dc,*ch 2, skip 1 ch, 3 dc in next dc*, repeat from * around, ending with ch 2 and joining to first dc group.(12 dc group)

Rnd 4: ch 3, turn, 2 dc in next ch 2 space,*ch 2, 3 dc in next ch 2 space*, repeat from * around, ending with ch 2 and joining to first dc group.(12 dc group)

Rnd 5: repeat Rnd 4.

Rnd 6: ch 3, 1 dc in each next 2 dc,*1 dc in next ch 2 space, 3 dc in next 3 dc*, repeat from * around ending with 1 dc in last ch 2 space and joining to first dc.

Rnd 7: ch 3, 3 dc, dc2tog.,*4 dc, dc2tog.*, repeat from * around, joining to beg. ch3.

Rnd 8: ch 3, 2 dc, dc2tog.,*3 dc, dc2tog.*, repeat from * around, joining to beg. ch3

Rnd 9: sc around, join with sl st to last sc

Rnd 10: sc around, join with a sl st to last sc

Rnd 11: sl st around edge to last sc

Fasten off and weave in all ends

Here she is, all fancy on Millie!

DSCN0088 DSCN0089 DSCN0090

And on me, all ready to brave the not so cold Seattle.DSCN0092

In retrospect, I think I would make it a little bigger. I have thick thick hair and a large head, and the hat didn’t quite have the slouchy affect I wanted in the back. Alas, I still like it, and I’ll still wear it.


Can you tell I like black?


I took my hat out for a jaunt around Point Defiance Zoo, for the last night of Zoo Lights. It’s a fun little walk around, and perfect for a chilly winter night with a cup of coco in hand.



I hope your all staying warm in this chilly start to the new year!


Semi Sweet Pistachio Torte

For years I thought I couldn’t bake. What it really comes down to, is that I cannot bake chocolate chip cookies. Even though I followed the recipes to the letter, batches and batches of cookies have been turned into puddles, bricks, and charred black circles. I can even destroy tollhouse ready made cookie dough… I’m not kidding, ask my mother. Once I realized that I seem to be the bermuda triangle for cookies, I started testing out some different types of dessert making, and joyously discovered that I can indeed make other tasty treats.

Now that my baking mystery has been solved, I have loved making the desserts for my family’s holiday gatherings. This year for Christmas I tried out Martha Stewart’s (love her) recipe for Chocolate Pistachio Torte and it turned out amazing, so I thought I’d share a few things I learned along the way.

Original recipe link here:


Many of Martha Stewarts recipes call for a double boiler, which I don’t own. Not realizing that I needed one until after I bought the ingredients and got started, I came up with the above contraption and it worked great! I filled the pot about 1/3 of the way up, placed my cooling rack on top and then placed a heat safe pyrex with my butter and chocolate on top of that. It took about the same amount of time as a double boiler would have, and still gave it the right consistency.


A bit of my cake stuck to the pan while baking, as I don’t think I floured well enough. Fortunately the chocolate ganache filled in the whole 😉


Ta Da!


I think this is the closest one of my desserts has ever come to resembling the original picture. I was quite pleased!


And a little ravenous.


Don’t worry, If I can do it, you can do it!