January at an Instagram Glance

February has started with a bang. The Seahawks just won the Superbowl. I’m not a crazy obsessive fan. I really only watched a few games this year, but I am proud of Seattle and this city is blowing up with excitement. It’s given a much more exciting start to the month than I had in January, and will hopefully pull me out of my post holiday hibernation. January is normally a very mellow month for me. I try to spend it curled up on my couch drinking tea, and watching good movies. I did that this year, I just did it sick. 😦

 Fortunately T provided me with with zinc, food, and Ricola throat drops. I curled up with Modern Family and a friends manuscript. Let me tell you, that manuscript is in it’s early stages, but she is going places and I cannot wait until she gets a book deal.


Lazy nights at dive bars. Mellow and excellent.

Part of my hibernation  involved starting a new baby afghan for a friend. It’s turning out beautifully, and I can’t wait to post photos on here…. It may be awhile.IMG_2265



This was my first round of homemade tortillas on my own. I feel like I can finally put them in my recipe book as something I can successfully make! Slowly building my cooking repertoire.


Seahawks jello shots anyone…… a festive way to start any game.

Hopefully February continues on it’s winning streak. I’m not gonna lie though, I’m ready for spring!!!


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