A Springtime Cocktail, and a Pinterest Success

Its been fairly springlike in Seattle, and considering spring started a few days ago, it’s nice that the city is staying on track seasonally 😉 With the turn of the seasons, I was in the mood for a spring cocktail. Now my extent of cocktail mixing has consisted of pouring either wine or whiskey into glasses, but I am determined to expand my skills. In my never ending quest to actually make things I find on pinterest, I was pleased to find this fairly simple cocktail recipe, and was further inspired to make in once I realized it was a Joy the Baker concoction (Love her, and all her recipes).

Original Recipe:

Pimm’s Cup Cocktail


Pour a shot and a half of Pimm’s over ice.

Add cucumber and lemon wedges, squishing them in there to release the juices.

Top with some delicious ginger ale.


DSCN0209 DSCN0210

I’m happy this recipe isn’t ending up on my pinterest fail board, never to be tried again. I’ve had some real doozies lately, but I will pin on.

Happy monday everyone!


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