The Joy of Nephews and Nieces

I am the proud Auntie of 4 nephews, 1 niece, and one little who is still cookin in the oven. I am known to these wee ones as Auntie K, Crazy Auntie K, Tia Kendra, and I’m working on getting youngest to call me Tia Loca. Because there is a bit of an age gap between myself and my older sisters (and because i’m not looking to cook up any kiddos of my own anytime soon), sometimes I get a little sad that any future spawn I may procreate won’t have any cousins close in age…..

Then I rejoice that I have had years, and likely more years in the future, of simply being Auntie. I get to throw all of my heart at these wonderful beings without the distraction of my own. I’m the one encouraging them to lick giant bowls of applesauce clean, roll in the dirt, race me down the street on their scooter, and I am often seen sitting across the table making goofy faces at them during supper.

I love watching these littles become their own people, and I am proud that they call me Auntie.

A few weekends ago, was the rare occasion when all the cousins gathered at my parents house, or as they are affectionately called Grammy and Bumpa. I managed to escape the city for a few days of chaos, and loved every minute of it.

Kind 11 year old E, is growing into a wonderful young man. Smart, athletic, respectful, and wonderful with all the young cousins, I cannot wait to see where life takes him!

IMG_2434Chaotic A! I have a feeling that this kiddo is an artist at heart. His laugh is infectious, he has energy for days, and his heart is as big as they come.


Sweet little E. The only niece amongst all boys, and she’s got us all wrapped around her little finger.


Dearest O. Smart, kind, and insightful, this kid continually amazes me with his understanding of things like symmetry and asymmetry. I’m pretty sure this kid has a better vocabulary than I do. A wonderful little hugger, this kid is as sweet as they come, and I have found the greatest joy in making him laugh since he was tiny.


Oh little F.T. I wasn’t sure you liked me at first, but now even when your being a little sass, you melt my heart with a simple “I wuv you Auntie K”. A tester of limits, I sense a heart of adventurer in him.


Here’s to you sweet kiddos! I love being your auntie.


Baby Gifts for a Baby Shower

I helped throw a baby shower for a dear friend this last Saturday. This particular friend has been the recipient of many a homemade gift from me. I made her bridal shower gift, her wedding gift, and now a gift for her first baby. I guess she’s just lucky ;)…. to get all my experiments. This time I used another pattern from my Terry Kimbrough book and Bernat Softee Yarn again. I must admit, all the patterns in this book are simply lovely, and I’ve already picked out the next one I want to make for some lucky recipient.

You can see the first blanket I made from this book here:

Take a gander. Thoughts?


This patterns was definitely trickier than the first I tackled, but I liked the lacy edging effect that it had.

DSCN0233 DSCN0239 DSCN0240

All wrapped up and ready to go! I never have bows or ribbon, so I use extra yarn to make pom pom bows.


Dear A and I with the gifty. She looks great, and only has a few weeks left to go. I can’t wait to meet her little!


Happy Tuesday Y’all!