Leaping for Liebster

Apparently there’s this thing in the blogging community. A bit of a chain letter of awards for smaller blogs. It’s called the Liebster Award, and smaller blogs pass it along to other blogs that they like with sets of questions. Not having heard of  of this before, I was touched when I got a nomination. The lovely Louise of Text Pies and Videotapes nominated me. It’s fun knowing that I’ve a few readers abroad. Goodness knows most of the blogs I read aren’t based in Seattle. After perusing Louise’s blog for a bit, I like to think we’d be friends if we lived in the same city. Girl likes baking, musical theater, and cocktails, I thinks it’s safe to say we’d have some common things to chat about!

Now I’m not big on chain letters, but I thought i’d give the questions a go anyways. Here is what she asked, and my responses.

1. What one movie defines your childhood? – Peter Pan (Old School Mary Martin version). What can I say, I am still a child at heart, and always loved the idea of not growing up. P.S. The whole movie is available on youtube. You should check it out.

2. Do you have a signature drink? – I’m a bourbon neat kinda gal. If I had to choose a mixed drink, it would probably be a manhattan with a twist.

3. If you could pass one law for your city/town, what would it be?- Yikes, that a tricky one. Mandatory fridays off during the summer months. That sounds pretty nice.

4. How do you like your eggs in the morning? – Soft boiled with soldiers.

5. Can you play a musical instrument? – I used to play the piano and the trombone. It would take some serious practice to gain any skill again.

6. Would you be so kind as to summarise your blog in five words? – Shenanigans of a quirky crafter.

7. What do you find the biggest challenge of blogging to be?  – Remembering to take my camera with me, so that I can document my happenings.

8. Do you know the difference between ‘defiantly’ and ‘definitely’? (We can’t be friends if not.) – I do indeed.

9. Do you have a favourite musical? If so, what is it? – I LOVE musicals. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is probably my favorite. Though there are so many good ones it’s hard to choose.

10. What, in your opinion, makes a good blog? – Whatever it is, make it personal. Even if your blog is strictly food, share a little bit about yourself. It helps the readers connect with you on a more real level.

11. Are you going to carry on the Liebster Award chain? – Probably not. Chain letters aren’t really my thing, but I do really like the idea of it and I hope others carry it on!

27 for 27… a Check In

Six months ago was my 27th birthday. Along with It I made a list of goals, here. Well I’m six months in to my 27th year, and I thought it was time for a check in… See how these goals are coming. Yikes!


1) Hit under a 2 hour half marathon time. – I just started running again after a bit of a hiatus. I’m planning on running a half in October, so I’ve still got time to really start training.

2) Go sailing for the first time. – I still haven’t scheduled this. I was waiting for summer, it’s close enough, so I best get on it.

3) Pay off another one of my dreaded student loans. – I changed my mind and decided to pay off a credit card instead, and it’s going quite nicely. Hurray for being responsible financially…. until I find a really good pair of shoes anyway. 😉

4)Host a 1920’s murder mystery dinner. – Planning this for my birthday party in November!

5) Start posting on my blog once a week. – As of January I have been doing this quite nicely. I like blogging on a schedule. It’s a relaxing way to spend my evenings.

6) Visit another country. Sadly other than Canada, I don’t have any great adventures to other lands planned. Canada counts right?

7) Buy my first pair of Christian Louboutin heels. – Still planning on this as my 28th birthday gift to myself.

8) Become a certified Zumba instructor. – I’m so excited, as i’m registered for training in July! Hurray!

9) Get my first aid/CPR certification. I haven’t scheduled this yet, but i’m planning it for either june or july.

10) Construct a wedding dress. – I’ve got it designed, and some of the fabric and trims purchased, now comes the tricky part of making it.

11) Go paddle boarding. – I’m still waiting for it to warm up a bit in Seattle. Brrrr. Maybe August?

12) Take a ballet class series. – I putting this goal on hold. I’m taking arial silks pretty regularly, and really only have time for one type of regularly scheduled class.

13) Visit K in New York. – I went last month, and it was awesome!! See my adventures here and here.

14) Attend my family reunion in Chicago next summer. The date is set, and i’m buying tickets this week. Cannot wait!!

15) Have my brown heels fixed. – I keep forgetting about this one. Must take shoes to cobbler!

16) Do a photo shoot of the bridal gown I make. – Just gotta complete #10 first!

17) Get to a certain financial goal in my savings account. – Going along quite nicely. I’m sticking to a schedule and making good strides.

18) Complete 10 new pinterest inspired recipes or diy projects. – Going along well. I’ve done 4 of 10. Or I should say, 4 have turned out well. I’ve had a few doozies.

19) Learn to bake French Macarons. I took a class and have had one disastrous batch since. Hopefully my next batch turns out a bit better.

20) Get my second tattoo. I’ve altered it’s location a bit, now I just need to schedule the appointment.

21) Dye my hair a new color. I went white blonde and loved it!!!

22) Set up some sort of Roth IRA or 401K. – Ummmmm I forgot about this one, and I don’t even know where to start. Must research!

23) Refinish one piece of furniture. – So many ideas…. so little time.

24) Take a ariel silk class. – Took a class, became obsessed. I’m developing arm muscles… I didn’t know that was possible on me.

25) Take the BUSMAT. – Must study more. I’ve lost a lot of my math skills in the past few years!!

26) Go to at least two concerts. – I tried to get watershed tickets this year. I’m not going to lie, I almost cried when they sold out in 10 minutes. Now I’m not sure what shows i’ll go to.

27) Start taking more pictures of my various projects to put up on the blog! – I’ve been doing better at this, but still have room for improvement.


Clearly I’ve got a lot of work to do. Six months down, six to go. I better get my booty in gear.


White Walls

I adore a good museum. The stark blank walls and empty floors just waiting for art to fill them, the hushed conversations of observers trying to pay their respect to masters long gone, the more chaotic confused discussions surrounding the modern and contemporary works, the strokes of pencil on paper of art students trying to capture the genius, and I find such peace in these surroundings.

On my recent hop over to NYC, I popped into the big three, The Guggenheim, The MoMA, and the MET. I liked them all for varying reasons, and i’m sure i’ll be back to visit them again someday.

The Guggenheim. Hands down some of the coolest architecture, both inside and out.



Sorry, no photos past this point here.


The MoMA. Probably my favorite of the three.MoMA

I”m not sure how I feel about this “modern art” thing?

MoMA Entry

Oh wait, yes I do… and I’m EXCITED!!

MoMA Entry

So is L. She was a fine arts major in college after all.

Friend with Camera MoMA

White Walls.



MoMA Art

Observing the observers, observing Starry Night. Not going to lie. Some times I like to watch people look at art. It’s almost as good as the paintings themselves. I love the large groups of people gathering around these super famous paintings, simply because they’ve heard of them. They want to say they’ve seen it in person. We find comfort in what we recognize I suppose.

MoMA Van Gogh Starry Night Observers

Don’t worry, I weaseled my way to the front of this group and took a long hard look at Starry Night myself.

MoMA scuptures


MoMA Monet

Picture in Picture. Observing observers again. That’s not creepy right?


In case you can’t read that, it reads “Perfect Door, Perfect Odor, Perfect Rodo”.


The MET. Stairway to greatness.MET Stairway

MET Gallery

One of Monet’s Cathedral paintings. Beautiful, though I admit I like the two hanging side by side in the Smithsonian a bit better. Monet Cathedral

MET ceilings MET Sculptures
I’m feeling very arty now. Perhaps I’ll break out my paints tonight… Perhaps.


#NYC Besties

I just returned from the lovely and chaotic week in NYC! My dear friend K moved out there last summer to pursue a job in publishing. She landed a new/amazing job a couple of weeks ago, so L and I flew out not only to celebrate that, but L’s 27th birthday as well. It was a week well spent with good food, good friends, museums, and shopping. I adore visiting New York, I don’t think I’d ever want to live there, but it is a fantastic place to holiday! I’ve already started planning my  fall shopping pilgrimage to New York next fall.

Get ready for several days of photos crammed into one post.

The view from Brooklyn.


We only got lost a few times. Google maps is a lifesaver!


We went treasure hunting in Williamsburg. There were some excellent pieces, I don’t think any of the furniture was going to fit in my checked bags though, so I passed.


L and I popped over to the Highline on Easter sunday. Other than the fact that it was a bit crowded, I LOVE what they have done with the space.




If you get parched on the Highline, don’t worry, there are a few food/coffee vendors dispersed throughout.



Now this looks pretty simple, but if you are in need of a reasonably priced and delicious breakfast, pop into Jack’s Wife Freda. Eggs and Soldiers were my jam. It was so good, L and I went two days in a row. I am a bit distraught though as I think I was at this restaurant on one of the same days one of my favorite bloggers was, but different times. She took much better food photos, so take a gander at



Made the obligatory swing through Mood fabrics. I could certainly have filled up a whole suitcase full of those fabrics.


Maysville. Delicious whiskey bar (Shhhh, I drank wine). Enough said.


Steppin out on L’s birthday!



Baohaus was amazing!!! Go.


#NYCBesties quickly became our theme after seeing this written on the wall of Baohaus.


Fish Bao. It doesn’t look like much, but packs a real punch.


First bites.


That was good.



Best money I ever spent on cookies.


Last night in Brooklyn wandering though Brooklyn Bridge park, ice cream in hand.


My favorite purchase of the trip!


Stay tuned for another NYC post. Happy Monday!