Leaping for Liebster

Apparently there’s this thing in the blogging community. A bit of a chain letter of awards for smaller blogs. It’s called the Liebster Award, and smaller blogs pass it along to other blogs that they like with sets of questions. Not having heard of  of this before, I was touched when I got a nomination. The lovely Louise of Text Pies and Videotapes nominated me. It’s fun knowing that I’ve a few readers abroad. Goodness knows most of the blogs I read aren’t based in Seattle. After perusing Louise’s blog for a bit, I like to think we’d be friends if we lived in the same city. Girl likes baking, musical theater, and cocktails, I thinks it’s safe to say we’d have some common things to chat about!

Now I’m not big on chain letters, but I thought i’d give the questions a go anyways. Here is what she asked, and my responses.

1. What one movie defines your childhood? – Peter Pan (Old School Mary Martin version). What can I say, I am still a child at heart, and always loved the idea of not growing up. P.S. The whole movie is available on youtube. You should check it out.

2. Do you have a signature drink? – I’m a bourbon neat kinda gal. If I had to choose a mixed drink, it would probably be a manhattan with a twist.

3. If you could pass one law for your city/town, what would it be?- Yikes, that a tricky one. Mandatory fridays off during the summer months. That sounds pretty nice.

4. How do you like your eggs in the morning? – Soft boiled with soldiers.

5. Can you play a musical instrument? – I used to play the piano and the trombone. It would take some serious practice to gain any skill again.

6. Would you be so kind as to summarise your blog in five words? – Shenanigans of a quirky crafter.

7. What do you find the biggest challenge of blogging to be?  – Remembering to take my camera with me, so that I can document my happenings.

8. Do you know the difference between ‘defiantly’ and ‘definitely’? (We can’t be friends if not.) – I do indeed.

9. Do you have a favourite musical? If so, what is it? – I LOVE musicals. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is probably my favorite. Though there are so many good ones it’s hard to choose.

10. What, in your opinion, makes a good blog? – Whatever it is, make it personal. Even if your blog is strictly food, share a little bit about yourself. It helps the readers connect with you on a more real level.

11. Are you going to carry on the Liebster Award chain? – Probably not. Chain letters aren’t really my thing, but I do really like the idea of it and I hope others carry it on!

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