Bowlin with My Homies

Bowling alleys. The smell of spilt beer and stale cigarettes, the sallow look of the employees that have spent one too many days inhaling shoes disinfectant under fluorescent lights, and the happy skip of a bowler who just bowled a strike. I like bowling alleys, they remind me of childhood.

Dear M turned 27 not long ago and we celebrated with an evening of bowling and faux tattoos.IMG_2684Nothing but classy 1970’s architecture for us!



My ball was gold, it’s how I roll.


The real highlight of the evening came when we discovered that the vending machines carried fake tattoos. Now it says a lot about a girl when she is willing to drop a whole roll of quarters that she had stashed in her purse for laundry on fake tattoos. If you’ve ever lived in an apartment complex or a dorm, you know quarters are pure gold. You pilfer them out of others coin trays, pick them up off the ground, ¬†and hoard them in your wallet. My friend K is serious about the business of fake tattoos, and gladly purchased us a sweet stack of the beauties with her fresh roll of quarters.




On another note, completed the Susan G. Komen walk/run with my mamma last weekend. Lookin fly pre-race. This rockstar ran almost the whole thing.


The gang. We look good with pink on!

IMG_2704Happy Monday!



My heart broke a little today.

Another school shooting. This time at my college Alma Mater, Seattle Pacific University. Taking one life and injuring several others. I admit, with all the public shootings happening around the U.S. the last few years, I’ve become a bit numb to them. My heart hurts for the family’s every time, but it just doesn’t seem real. This time it hit close to home. I walked those halls, I sat in that classroom, I had debates with that professor. This time it sucker punched me in the gut. I’m not one to post a status on facebook about these events, or change my photo to a picture of support, it’s not my style. This time though, I needed to say something, and this is my outlet.

My heart broke a little today for a community that helped raise me. The students there are no longer ones I know, but they are a part of a community that knows me. A community that helped teach me how to be an adult. A community that challenged the way I thought, how I look at the world around me, and why I believed what I believe. We didn’t always agree, and we still don’t in a lot of respects, but I am forever grateful that they taught me how to come to my own conclusions, and have reasons to back them up.

I use the word community a lot in respect to SPU instead of the word University or college. It is a university of course, but more than that, it is a true Community. It is one of the areas SPU really excels at, helping its students build fellowship among themselves and with the faculty. Because of this, I believe SPU will bounce back stronger.

I believe they won’t let this shooter hinder their ability to foster strong community.

I believe they will continue to challenge and change their students.

I Believe.