Life, A Birthday, and Another Set of Goals

I’ve returned. Back from what was an horrible summer, followed by an epically sad end of September. I spent most of October in hibernation, and will likely be on a roller coaster of emotions for a good long while now. That said, I am trying to maintain some sense of normalcy in my life, do happy things, be with people I love, and still try new things.

Today is my birthday. I liked my set of goals last year, and while most of them went out the window, I’ve decided to set a new group for year 28. Some are carry overs that I still want to complete, and some are new.

Here Goes.

1)Watch the AFI top 100 of the 20th century.

2)Go on vacation out of the country – Hopefully get T to go with me. The boy needs to get some real use out of his passport!

3)Decorate a gingerbread house – I’ve never decorated one, sad but true.

4)This one is a secret project. Shhhhhh…..

5)Read 30 new books – I read a lot any way, I’m just going to actually track them for a year.

6) Reach a new Savings goal.

7) Qualify to start taking intermediate arial/silks classes or practice at open gym – This is an extreme long shot, but if I work my booty off (both literally and figuratively), it may be possible.

8) Be able to do one pull up… legit. Straight leg, dead hang start.

9) Cut my own Christmas Tree.

10) Pay off 1 student loan – Enough said

11) Decorate 5 different cakes, 5 different ways.

12) Get on some Zumba subbing lists.

13) Go to the tulip festival.

14) Read books 2 and 3 of the game of thrones series.

15) Complete 10 more pinterest projects.

16) Take a cooking class.

17) Be able to do the splits. At least one direction.

18) Go on a fitness or yoga retreat, or complete a fitness challenge

19)Post more project pictures on the blog.

20)Get a pair of Christian Louboutins (or Manolos).

21)Go on at least 2 hikes – And be outside more in general

22)Get my first aid certification – This has to happen before I can officially start teaching Zumba!

23)Make a wedding dress and have it sold at a consignment wedding shop.

24)Go paddle boarding.

25)Pay off a credit card.

26)Get my second tattoo – I have two planned, and then I think i’ll be done.

27)Do a leatherwork project.

28)Sew at least one project for myself – I make things for other people all the time, time to make something for me.

Here’s to you 28! Please take it a little easier on me this roll around the sun.


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