All Things January, February, and March

Long time no blog. What can I say, I’ve been holed up waiting for spring. That said, I finally busted out my new shoes this week. I’ve been holding them out for a few months until it seemed a little less muddy, and a little less rainy. It is officially spring, and officially time for this bear to come out of hibernation. So what have I been up to the past few months… not much. Just chilling, and living life. Here’s a glimpse.

T and I watched a few of my sweet nephews for a weekend. We promptly sugared them up with chocolate coins the size of their heads and then practiced our handstands.


T is officially cooler than Auntie K now. He likes racetracks almost as much as the kiddos do.


We joined a wine of the month club. Bright Cellars. Supposedly, you write up notes and rate the wine each month, and then they send you options the next month that they think will better suite your tastes. We’ve only had two of the bottles so far, one we liked, one we didn’t, so i’m curious to see if they really hone in on our tastes with each passing month.Bright CellarsBright Cellars

Us, being our typical selves.
T and KI’ve been making some good strides in my aerial classes lately. I finally can do a legit pull up. Not a big deal for some, but a huge advance for me. I need to get someone to film it for me. It’s not pretty, but I want proof. I also got my splits in one direction finally! Slowly but surely.

half monte

Lately I’ve been….

Listening to– Zumba music, zumba music, and more zumba music.

Watching– I just started watching Once Upon a Time. A little goofy, but i’m a sucker for cheesy fantasy, and I really like what they did with a couple of the characters.

ReadingThe Good Earth. I’m re-reading this from high school. It’s so good! I’m also in the middle of the Anne of Green Gables series. I never read these as a child, and feel like I missed out. So why not read them now.

Eating– Bananas frozen with yogurt/peanut butter/honey on top.

Enjoying– My training at Emerald City Trapeze. I love it there, and wish I could train 7 days a week. Alas, my budget does not allow. I’ll take what I can get though.

Looking forward to– I just booked a long weekend to San Francisco to hang out with two very dear friends. I need a vacation. Short as it may be, I can’t wait for it at the end of May!

Until next time 🙂