Sew Cute

I sewed this weekend. I had some fabric, a couple of cute pinterest patterns burning a hole in my pocket, and a three day weekend to boot! What better time to tackle some quick projects. Both turned out pretty well, so I thought I’d throw a picture or two up on the blog.

A gift for my dear friend K’s birthday! What girl doesn’t need a cute little zipper pouch. I tried this pattern out for Christmas for my sister too, and liked the results, so I thought i’d throw one together as a birthday gift as well. Hopefully she’ll like it.

Pattern can be found here.


Bow Pouch with the necessities! Happy Birthday pencil and swirly straw!

Next up came a pair of City Gym Shorts. Seriously, such a cute easy pattern! I think next time i’ll invest in some nicer fabric and add pockets, but I am looking forward to wearing these come warmer weather.


City Gym Shorts!


Look Mom, I sewed something for me!


Yay Bathroom Selfies!

That’s all for now folks. Happy Tuesday!


Long Time

Hello! Long time no blog. What can I say, there are periods of life that are just too busy, not meant for blogging. 2015 was a blur of growing, grieving, aerial training, pole dancing, and curling up on the couch watching Doctor Who with my love. And yes, I said pole dancing. It is both incredibly difficult, and incredibly therapeutic. I am convinced that my aerial/pole training was responsible for the maintenance of my sanity the past year.

So why start blogging again you ask? Well there is this little project I want to document the process of. My dear friends wedding dress. Now I have always said I would never, never ever, never ever ever, make a friends wedding dress. But when Y called me up last fall and said “hey girl, i’m engaged, I would love if you could do this for me?”, something clicked. Perhaps it was her unwavering confidence in my skill and creativity, perhaps it was the opportunity to really throw myself into a design project again, perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. There really is no set explanation, just the answer of yes, I would love to do this for you. Documenting it will allow me to look back so that should the situation ever arise again, I can look back and either say “sure, that was fun. I could do it again.”, or “ha! never again!”.

Either way, here we go. Sketches have been sketched, muslin has been bought, colors have been selected (yes, color). Stick around for the ride.

With that, I leave you with three pictures from the past year. Happy 2016!!


Big Buddah in Hong Kong


I call this photo, Holding my breath this hurts so bad…. wait look how strong my abs look.


Queen of Hearts and Kung Fury


I Did It!

And by it, I mean I made a baby gift that wasn’t a crocheted afghan. A blanket yes, but not an afghan. Nope, this time I tried my hand at a quilt. A quick cozy little blanket for a soon to be little boy. It has a few kinks (it was my first quilt after all), but I am pretty ok with how it turned out. If I ever make another quilt, there are definitely a few tools I will invest in (rotary mat), but this time it went ok with the basics I already owned.

  quilt quilt


Hopefully it provides many a night of good snuggles!

Happy Tuesday!


Three Things

1) Another day, another afghan. This one for a dear childhood friend. One of those friends that even though we don’t spend much time together anymore, anytime we do get together, we pick up right where we left off. More often than not, we revert to our 12 year old selves and talk of nothing but boys, N’SYNC, and the cinematic treasure that is Crossroads starring Britney Spears. With epic conversations like that, how could I not make something for her upcoming little Mr. or Miss. I really like the way this one turned out. The border is definitely the most complicated I have completed, but I think it was well worth the extra time. afghan afghan 2) T and I went on our first hike of the season up to Rattlesnake Ledge. It was a nice quick hike, and we really lucked out weather wise. It was supposed to rain on us and fortunately we stayed dry! It was a bit foggy at the top, but still a lovely view and well worth the trek. hikehikeselfie 3) I realized I was old this week when I went shopping for matching pajama sets. Not sure why, but this just seems like a very adult thing to do. Goodbye to the days of mismatched flannel pants and oversized t-shirts, and hello to button up matching sleep shirts and pants. Cute, but it makes me feel a little too mature. Here’s to a good start to the week!


All Things January, February, and March

Long time no blog. What can I say, I’ve been holed up waiting for spring. That said, I finally busted out my new shoes this week. I’ve been holding them out for a few months until it seemed a little less muddy, and a little less rainy. It is officially spring, and officially time for this bear to come out of hibernation. So what have I been up to the past few months… not much. Just chilling, and living life. Here’s a glimpse.

T and I watched a few of my sweet nephews for a weekend. We promptly sugared them up with chocolate coins the size of their heads and then practiced our handstands.


T is officially cooler than Auntie K now. He likes racetracks almost as much as the kiddos do.


We joined a wine of the month club. Bright Cellars. Supposedly, you write up notes and rate the wine each month, and then they send you options the next month that they think will better suite your tastes. We’ve only had two of the bottles so far, one we liked, one we didn’t, so i’m curious to see if they really hone in on our tastes with each passing month.Bright CellarsBright Cellars

Us, being our typical selves.
T and KI’ve been making some good strides in my aerial classes lately. I finally can do a legit pull up. Not a big deal for some, but a huge advance for me. I need to get someone to film it for me. It’s not pretty, but I want proof. I also got my splits in one direction finally! Slowly but surely.

half monte

Lately I’ve been….

Listening to– Zumba music, zumba music, and more zumba music.

Watching– I just started watching Once Upon a Time. A little goofy, but i’m a sucker for cheesy fantasy, and I really like what they did with a couple of the characters.

ReadingThe Good Earth. I’m re-reading this from high school. It’s so good! I’m also in the middle of the Anne of Green Gables series. I never read these as a child, and feel like I missed out. So why not read them now.

Eating– Bananas frozen with yogurt/peanut butter/honey on top.

Enjoying– My training at Emerald City Trapeze. I love it there, and wish I could train 7 days a week. Alas, my budget does not allow. I’ll take what I can get though.

Looking forward to– I just booked a long weekend to San Francisco to hang out with two very dear friends. I need a vacation. Short as it may be, I can’t wait for it at the end of May!

Until next time 🙂


I Came, I Curled, I Conquered.

And by conquered, I mean I didn’t fall over. Yep, I somehow managed to keep my two feet properly under me. Given the sliding mechanism they give you to put under your shoe, I was pleased not to come away from the situation with bruises. I was also pleased that it was significantly more fun than I anticipated. If your in need of a fun, fairly inexpensive activity, I highly recommend a visit to the Granite Curling Club in Seattle.

curling curling curling

I’m just so focused.









Just look at that form 😉curling curling curlingForgive the sweats, we were instructed to wear them.


New Year

2015 is here. A new day, a fresh start, a breath of fresh air. I approach this year with both joy and sadness. Joy for new beginnings, sadness as it is a year in which my dad exists only in spirit, my heart, and my memories. Knowing him though, he would want me to find the joy, be happy, and go on as many adventures as possible, so that is the plan. Find the joy, find peace, and dance like a crazy person (already got that one down).

That said, their were some genuinely good moments during the holiday season this year, and I am thrilled that small moments of happiness are creeping back into life.

Forgive the sheer volume of photos of my newest nephew. I just can’t help myself.


Ooooh Sparkles!


In their Christmas Jammies! Love them.nephews

Grammies are happiest with their grand-babies in their arms.grammy nephew

We like to nap on Christmas.uncle and neice aunt and nephew

My mom adopted a sweet labradoodle from the humane society. She wanted to have a buddy around the house. Sweet Lucy was not what she expected to get. Not the right breed, the right size, with too long of fur. But dearie me, the more time I spend around this sweet dog, the convinced I become that she was meant to be my mom’s dear friend. She is quickly on her way to becoming the worlds most spoiled/loved dog.


Seriously, how cute is this face?labradoodle

T was excited for Christmas 😉Christmas wrappingflowers new years

Here is to you 2015! I expect the back to the future hover board to be perfected by the end of the year. 🙂


Holiday Glimpses

Tis the season…..

-For Amy Grant’s Home for Christmas to be played on repeat multiple times a day.

-To binge watch the Hallmark Channels bad Christmas movies (much to T’s dismay).

-To be a little kinder and hug a little harder.

-To have secrets tucked away in small nooks and crannies to avoid inquisitive eyes.

-For spending way too much time on the Martha Stewart website picking out the perfect holiday desserts.

-To find joy in the small things.

If ever there was a month to make my heart a little lighter, or a year when it is needed, it’s this December. I love selecting gifts and wrapping them up in neat little packages, decorating the Christmas tree, and working on Christmas crafts for friends. I crave nothing for myself, other than a few good hours around a fireplace or dining table with loved ones (and maybe some Beats by Dre).

Hints of the season.

Sorel Boots

The first dusting of snow, and the only reason I ever put on a pair of Sorel boots. Snuggly, but not a fashion statement, no matter what J. Crew says.

Honda Civic

Millie all loaded up with my Charlie brown tree. Totally said the “tree prayer” and sawed it down with own two hands.

Charlie Brown Tree

She’s a gem!

Vanilla ExtractMy treats I made for Friends for Christmas this year. Yum!

I hope your having a festive season.


Life, A Birthday, and Another Set of Goals

I’ve returned. Back from what was an horrible summer, followed by an epically sad end of September. I spent most of October in hibernation, and will likely be on a roller coaster of emotions for a good long while now. That said, I am trying to maintain some sense of normalcy in my life, do happy things, be with people I love, and still try new things.

Today is my birthday. I liked my set of goals last year, and while most of them went out the window, I’ve decided to set a new group for year 28. Some are carry overs that I still want to complete, and some are new.

Here Goes.

1)Watch the AFI top 100 of the 20th century.

2)Go on vacation out of the country – Hopefully get T to go with me. The boy needs to get some real use out of his passport!

3)Decorate a gingerbread house – I’ve never decorated one, sad but true.

4)This one is a secret project. Shhhhhh…..

5)Read 30 new books – I read a lot any way, I’m just going to actually track them for a year.

6) Reach a new Savings goal.

7) Qualify to start taking intermediate arial/silks classes or practice at open gym – This is an extreme long shot, but if I work my booty off (both literally and figuratively), it may be possible.

8) Be able to do one pull up… legit. Straight leg, dead hang start.

9) Cut my own Christmas Tree.

10) Pay off 1 student loan – Enough said

11) Decorate 5 different cakes, 5 different ways.

12) Get on some Zumba subbing lists.

13) Go to the tulip festival.

14) Read books 2 and 3 of the game of thrones series.

15) Complete 10 more pinterest projects.

16) Take a cooking class.

17) Be able to do the splits. At least one direction.

18) Go on a fitness or yoga retreat, or complete a fitness challenge

19)Post more project pictures on the blog.

20)Get a pair of Christian Louboutins (or Manolos).

21)Go on at least 2 hikes – And be outside more in general

22)Get my first aid certification – This has to happen before I can officially start teaching Zumba!

23)Make a wedding dress and have it sold at a consignment wedding shop.

24)Go paddle boarding.

25)Pay off a credit card.

26)Get my second tattoo – I have two planned, and then I think i’ll be done.

27)Do a leatherwork project.

28)Sew at least one project for myself – I make things for other people all the time, time to make something for me.

Here’s to you 28! Please take it a little easier on me this roll around the sun.


It’s a Cake!

I baked a cake… and took several pictures. It was the first time i’ve used my cake decorating tools on a full cake, so I was a wee bit excited that it wasn’t a disaster! It was both my parents birthdays recently, and I wanted something classic, but still pretty to look at. End result, classic yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

Chocolate CakeChocolate CakeChocolate Cake

I picked up some sparkler candles to test out. They didn’t sparkle, much to my dismay. A new brand will need to be tried next time.  On a funnier note, they kept relighting as well, even after blown out. They weren’t advertised as trick candles, but they added some extra entertainment to the birthday celebrations.

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake

I’ve been on a bit of a baking kick lately. Any thoughts on what to attempt next?