Long Time

Hello! Long time no blog. What can I say, there are periods of life that are just too busy, not meant for blogging. 2015 was a blur of growing, grieving, aerial training, pole dancing, and curling up on the couch watching Doctor Who with my love. And yes, I said pole dancing. It is both incredibly difficult, and incredibly therapeutic. I am convinced that my aerial/pole training was responsible for the maintenance of my sanity the past year.

So why start blogging again you ask? Well there is this little project I want to document the process of. My dear friends wedding dress. Now I have always said I would never, never ever, never ever ever, make a friends wedding dress. But when Y called me up last fall and said “hey girl, i’m engaged, I would love if you could do this for me?”, something clicked. Perhaps it was her unwavering confidence in my skill and creativity, perhaps it was the opportunity to really throw myself into a design project again, perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. There really is no set explanation, just the answer of yes, I would love to do this for you. Documenting it will allow me to look back so that should the situation ever arise again, I can look back and either say “sure, that was fun. I could do it again.”, or “ha! never again!”.

Either way, here we go. Sketches have been sketched, muslin has been bought, colors have been selected (yes, color). Stick around for the ride.

With that, I leave you with three pictures from the past year. Happy 2016!!


Big Buddah in Hong Kong


I call this photo, Holding my breath this hurts so bad…. wait look how strong my abs look.


Queen of Hearts and Kung Fury


I Came, I Curled, I Conquered.

And by conquered, I mean I didn’t fall over. Yep, I somehow managed to keep my two feet properly under me. Given the sliding mechanism they give you to put under your shoe, I was pleased not to come away from the situation with bruises. I was also pleased that it was significantly more fun than I anticipated. If your in need of a fun, fairly inexpensive activity, I highly recommend a visit to the Granite Curling Club in Seattle.

curling curling curling

I’m just so focused.









Just look at that form ūüėČcurling curling curlingForgive the sweats, we were instructed to wear them.


Silks… and Not the Kind I Sew With

I had a bit of an odd elementary school P.E. experience. Instead of your typical dodgeball games, I was busy jump roping, riding unicycles, juggling, and walking on stilts (all skills that have come in oddly useful in my adult life). Throughout this I developed an odd fascination with the circus arts. Now I’ve taken a couple of trapeze classes over the past few years (totally fun and I highly recommend them), but I have always wanted to give silks a try. Not wanting to make a fool of myself alone, I coerced my friend M into joining me. What can I say, we’re hooked, i’m already signed up for more classes.





Ta Da! I stood on some fabric. Ok, not that exciting, but I promise my arms have never been that sore in my life. It hurt to pull up my pants and tie my shoes for a week.


M demonstrating the most complicated skill we practiced…. ouch!


And me. Clearly I was in pain too.


Notice how my face is all red… That’s because I was hanging upside down trying to get into this move for a solid minute prior to this. ūüėČ


I’m convinced that this kind of exercise is the only way to get my upper body in shape and I am itching to get to my next class this week!

Happy monday, i’m off to sunny California for work for a few days! Hope your week has started well!


Stop competing with others…. and Start competing with yourself

Or in other words 2013 race number 2…. BLOOMSDAY. Otherwise known as my favorite race of the year!

Before I get to the Bloomsday bit though, I thought I’d share a bit about one of my other loves, Roller Coasters! Now I don’t get to ride these very often, what can I say, Washington doesn’t have any good ones. So when some really fun ones are a mere 40 minute drive away, you better bet that I will be there! In what I’m hoping becomes a yearly pre-bloomsday tradition, my dear friends L and K and I¬†trekked¬†on over to Idaho for some fun at Silverwood.

IMG_1202 IMG_1203

Now Silverwood isn’t home to any of the world’s tallest, fastest, scariest rides, but it does have some pretty fantastic wooden roller coasters, as well as some other fun rides! We spun, we dropped, we bumpered, and all in all, had a lovely day! Who couldn’t though in that glorious weather!





By the end of the day, we were pretty beat. At my insistance though, we had one last ride to ride. My childlike heart simply cannot pass up a ride on a carousel.


While L and K rode like regular people, i’m clearly a bit more manic in my enjoyment! Are you scared?


Ok, fine…. I’ll calm down and smile like a normal person.


Now, onto the racing. I love Bloomsday (I may have said that once or twice already)! Somewhere around 50,000 people race every year, and you simply can’t beat the atmosphere. Observers everywhere, new bands performing around every twist and turn, and lots of like minded racers who just want to get out and participate in a fun activity.

Now I am nowhere near the fastest, or the slowest, and winning a race will never be a part of my future, but here are the reasons I love to run.

1- It is the best thing for me to do when I’m stressed out and need to mentally work through a problem.

2- It is also is the best way for me to completely clear my head of everything but a really good jam (Jonas Brothers or NSYNC anyone).

3- It gets me outdoors (what can I say, all my other hobbies tend to be confined to the indoors).

4- I am my own worst competition, and running pits me against myself and nobody else.

That all said, last sunday was not my best race. Don’t get me wrong, I had a gem of a time, but it was a bit too hot and I was a bit undertrained. I have taken a few weeks off from running to do other activities, but this race was¬†definitely¬†the kick I needed to get my butt in my runnings shoes on a more regular basis. Still a fun day though!!


As you can see, it’s a wee bit crowded at the race start.


L, K, and I managed to find each other though….. clearly excited for the 7 plus miles ahead of us.


Don’t worry if you didn’t wear enough, one of¬†Spokane’s¬†special jacket trees will provide you with something cozy. Just kidding, runners can deposit clothes on the street/trees at the start. The city then collects this and donates it to the Union Gospel Mission.


I only snapped a few photos during the run, and most of them were a wee bit blurry. But look how beautiful that day is! A little hot yes, but certainly better than rain.

All right, time to lace up my running shoes and head out the door.


Will Run for Chocolate

2013 is shaping up to be the year of races for me. I’ve always been a fan of races, but usually only do about two per year. Somehow I have already committed myself to six or seven this year…. yikes! Ranging from 5k’s to half marathons, needless to say, I will be doing a lot of running this year. Enough about my upcoming year though, as this past sunday was the first race of 2013!

Now it takes a lot to get me off the treadmill and running outside in March in Seattle, but my dear friend Lacey found the perfect race for us! This race happens all over the U.S. but this was their inaugural race in Seattle, and they hosted 10,000 runners. The Hot Chocolate Run 5K/15K offers fun, fondue, and hot cocoa, which is exactly what we needed after our chilly 9.3 mile run.

(Find the race info here http://www.hotchocolate15k.com/seattle/ )

IMG_1066 IMG_1074

We really lucked out with a beautiful day for a run. It was chilly at 7:40 am, but I would much rather run in the cold sunshine, than a warm rain.



After jammin’ out to some sweet tunes for my run (really a jog), my feet were tired. I cheered Lacey through her finish line (it was her first 15k ever. YAY Lacey!)…. Then we got to the chocolate! Now it wasn’t great hot chocolate or fondue, but unless I’m searching for something truly decadent, I’m really not too picky. The hot chocolate was HOT, and the fondue was dark, so it was really just what I wanted. With happier bellies we needed a celebratory picture, despite the fact that we were sweaty make-up free messes.

IMG_1070 IMG_1072

All in all it was a fun race and just what I needed to get me out of my winter hibernation. I hope they come back next year, and I can shave a few minutes (or more likely seconds) off my time! Up next, Bloomsday!!! My favorite race of the year! Any fun races you would recommend?