Alas, the end of summer has been a busy one. Excellent, but busy. I have returned from what was a very summery vacation in California to a rainy Seattle. I have packed away my summer sandals and shorts, and spent the weekend hibernating in my tiny apartment, only venturing into the rain for groceries and coffee. As I settle into my favorite season, I thought I’d do one or two more posts on what i’ve been up to the last month, starting with my family camping trip about a month ago.

Now I am no camper, unlike the rest of my family, and had to borrow camping gear from everyone. It worked out pleasantly though, and I enjoyed hanging out with everyone, despite that fact that it required sleeping on the ground. My sister assured me that camping as an adult would be much more enjoyable, as now I could drink wine. While I don’t think I will be regularly seeking out opportunities to camp, with my plastic mug of wine in hand ;), I did have a super fun time.

Hidden Lake. An excellently short hike for little kiddo legs.

IMG_1694 IMG_1687

Mum and I clearly had a lovely time, and I’m sure that she will love that I put this particular picture on the blog. What can I say though, I love a good funny face photo!


Someone left this little gem behind. Sad that they left it, but I felt like it only added to the relaxed atmosphere of the lake.


Sweet little E is still getting used to me. Clearly I don’t see her often enough and must remedy that. I think she was also worried I was going to steal her slice of pizza out of her hands.


Can you tell we are sisters?


All lovely weirdos in our own unique ways!


We managed to get one photo of the whole crew! One goofy, but lovable bunch!


Up next…. How much I love Disneyland! Otherwise known as what I did with a few days in California!



Sasquatch Hunting

Not really, but I did go the the Sasquatch Music Festival over Memorial Day weekend this year. I had decided at the beginning of 2013 that going to a multi-day music festival was something that needed to happen in my 20’s. So prior to even hearing the line-up for Sasquatch, I wanted to go.

Then came the line up….. and it was amazing!! I’m glad that T and his friends were so quick to buy all of our tickets, as the passes sold out in less than 2 hours. But who could resist when the likes of Macklemore, Mumford and Sons, Sigur Ros, The Lumineers, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, and many more, were all going to be in one place, over one weekend.

Despite my dislike of camping, I had an AMAZING time! Take a gander…..


A wee bit cramped with the tents, but we’re all friendly people and made it work.




Nothing better than sitting back on the hill with a guitar shaped margarita listening to Edward Sharpe.



I was a bit of a goof by day three.



Finally I fulfilled my goal to see Mumford and Sons live. I snuck a few pictures fromt he back of the crowd before I weaseled my way to the front. I danced and sang along to every word of every song….. I love them even more now. What was exceptionally awesome though, was that during their encore, they brought out Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros to cover a Fleetwood Mac song. It was a beautiful!




I was a little bit sad as we drove away on monday evening, but i’m sure i’ll be back. I think I’ve got the music festival bug. Until we meet again Sasquatch, until next year.